The Sisters of Charity Health System has made it part of
our faith-based mission to invest in this important initiative
to help ensure the quality and efficiency of health care
and to support the independent practice of medicine.



We are a physician-focused organization, providing
a robust infrastructure to address the ongoing business
imperatives of health care while offering a safe haven for
physicians without undermining the entrepreneurial
practice of medicine.



As part of the faith-based mission of the Sisters of Charity
Health System, we provide our physician customers with superior
solutions for practice managment, revenue cycle, electronic
medical records (EMR), and managed care consulting.


IPS welcomes
Dr. Nicole Edwards, Family Practice


GE Centricity® Practice Solution is a market leading combination of Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) from GE Healthcare IT.

Centricity Practice Solution provides the tools you need to automate routine tasks, set care quality and business performance targets, and improve overall performance. This software is completely customizable and can be tailored to fit your practice or specialty.

Christopher R. Stetler, D.O. | Family Medicine

“My practice is located in rural Uniontown,Ohio between Akron and Canton. I have been in practice here since February of 2007. Being located 20 minutes from two cities has developed a great diversity of patients from all backgrounds ranging from newborns to patients in their 90’s. I have an active practice with an average of 35 patients a day which include walk-in visits.

In January of 2011, I began using IPS for my revenue cycle along with the GE Centricity PM system. In June of 2011, I transitioned over to the EMR product and have been electronic ever since.

During the 2011 implementation, Independent Physician Solutions was able to capture an increase my revenue allowing me to outperform my productivity in 2010!”

Gregory Hall, MD | Internal Medicine

“My partnership with IPS provides my practice the support and expertise I need, without giving up my autonomy. It allows me to continue doing what’s best for my patients without feeling controlled.

Many of us own practices that are small businesses, and we have been very successful for years in treating our patients and managing our books, but with new EMR requirements, some physicians are overwhelmed with the adoption process and feel they have no choice but to completely affiliate with a large health system that can help them with new technology requirements.

Now Northeast Ohio physicians have an option that actually encourages their independence.”